Why Femap?

Femap is an advanced engineering analysis environment. It is cost effective, both CAD and solver neutral, and has become the world’s most popular engineering analysis environment for FEA users. It is widely used by the world’s leading engineering organizations and consultants to model complex products, systems and processes, including satellites, aircraft, defense, automotive vehicles, electronics, heavy construction equipment, lift cranes,marine vessels and process equipment.

Femap and NEi Nastran are highly integrated and can be sold together as a bundled solution. But more than this, being open to all solvers, Femap demonstrates the power and value as a core analysis tool. Femap is CAD independent and both leverages the Siemens Parasolid® software modeling kernel that allows direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling in addition to providing advanced geometric tools necessary to access non-Parasolid geometry.

From advanced beam modeling, mid-surface extraction and hex meshing, to robust CAD import and idealization, Femap gives you unparalleled model control and flexibility with a broad range of loads,materials, analysis types and visualization options.

Advantages & Benefits

CAD access and geometry handling

Femap CAD capabilities Femap offers neutral CAD support that allows the analyst or engineer access to any kind of CAD data. Femap leverages the Parasolid® modeling kernel that allows direct access to Parasolid data for surface and solid modeling, and provides robust advanced geometric tools necessary to access non-Parasolid geometry. Femap works well with imported geometry, and there are numerous tools available to clean up geometry and remove unwanted detail including automatic sliver elimination, solid stitching and manual and automatic feature suppression.

Versatile modeling and visualization tools

Femap powerful mesh capabilities Femap includes an impressive array of versatile modeling and visualization tools to aid FE model creation and verification prior to the analysis including easier-to-use dynamic viewing and color modification and management of view options and entities. Also available are unique model creation tools that allow 3D hex meshing, and multi- and mid-surface modeling and eshing.The depth of the model setup tools allows easier setup for material and property
definitions, quick and easy load and boundary condition definition, and a flexible loading definition methodology for heat transfer and advanced dynamic analyses. Also unique to Femap are more advanced methods of defining loads that can be equation or function based.

Ease of use and work process efficiency

Femap post-processor Designed specifically for a native Windows environment, Femap offers comprehensive analysis functionality that is easy to use and quick to learn. Particular features that help to promote usability and efficiency include dynamic viewing, color and screen management, multiple model access, multiple undo steps and all within a user friendly and intuitive interface based on the latest Windows look and feel.

Post-processing versatility

Femap offers more complete results processing functionality, including in-depth easy-to-use contour plot options, and tools to enable quick and efficient understanding of the behavior of the system under analysis. Additional tools include time animations, streamlines, grid point force balance, free body diagrams with easy data selection for XY plots and easy setup of pass/fail criteria plots.

Powerful customization tools

Femap offers an application programming interface (API).This is a full featured Basic development environment which can be accessed directly from within the user interface. This API, provides direct access to all Femap objects and functionality, and the Basic engine can interface with other programs such as Word and Excel. Femap’s API is not proprietary and can be leveraged with an understanding of standard visual Basic programming knowledge and protocol.

If you would like to learn more about Femap, please click here to download our Product Brochure .

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