CATOPO is the First Leading Solution for Designers for Topology Optimization

CATOPO is a very powerful Finite Element Analysis software for both Structural Analysis and Topology Optimization. CATOPO is dedicated for designers to design and enhance its mechanical components early in the design process. CATOPO will help designers to propose innovative solutions while reducing its mass and increasing its stiffness. Despite the robustness and the accuracy of the LC-Solver from CATOPO, it offers as well direct link to other solvers such; MSC/Nastran, Abaqus, Tosca and Optistruct.

Advantages & Benefits


User friendly even for non-experienced users in Finite Element Analysis
Reduces considerably development time and cost, by providing clear direction early
in the design process
Develops unique, high efficient designs that satisfy structural performance criteria

Structural Analysis

Performs linear Structural Analysis and Topology Optimization on single parts and large assemblies
Applies Mesh generation and Boundary conditions directly on the CAD geometry
Proven, accurate, fast and reliable LC-Solver

Topology Optimization

Proposes innovative solutions to design stiffer and lighter mechanical components
Powerful optimization routines with manufacturing process criteria
Offers innovation and increase product competitiveness
Provides direct link with state of the arts optimization solvers such; Optistruct, Tosca,
Nastran and Permas-Topo.



CATOPO offers the designer the possibility to develop lightweight, rigid and durable mechanical parts. The designer has to define the design space as Catia V5 solid part, or using any other CAD platform. Then, the designer has to define the boundary conditions (restraints and loads) directly inside CATOPO. As a result, the program calculates the optimal design proposal by taking into account the respective manufacturing restrictions.

The possible contact surfaces are recognized automatically by CATOPO. Thereby the modeling of the assembly is 10 to 20 times faster compared to other programs available on the market. The time saved makes CATOPO a profitable acquisition for any company.

Structural Analysis

The embedded LC-Solver of CATOPO is a versatile application for Static calculation, Modal analysis and Topology Optimization. Due to its modern algorithms, the LC-Solver belongs to the fastest solvers available in the world market.

Topology Optimization

CATOPOprovides the designer detailed design proposals. Even in the complicated, overlapping load cases, the optimization process is able to propose an optimal solution. This leads to significant time saving in the design process. In most cases the designer is able to achieve a design with higher stiffness and smaller mass.

Size optimization defines ideal component parameters such as material values, cross section dimensions and thicknesses. Within CATOPO environment, optimization parameters are defined with only a few mouse clicks.


CATOPO Topology Optimization Process


The new calculated shape is smoothed and immediately visually proof-tested. In order to construct the proposed design easier, CATOPO creates cross-section curves and then exports it to CATIA V5 or to any other CAD platform.

Rapid Prototyping

In order to enable the designer to control the optimization process, an STL-data set is created automatically after each iteration. Thus the engineer can evaluate the design proposal more effectively.


CATOPO is developed using the CAA-routines of CATIA V5 and therefore has direct access to CATPart, CATProduct and CATAnalysis files. The calculation is performed with CATOPO’s LC-Solver or with one of the following optimization solvers: TOSCA from FE-Design, Nastran from MSC, Optistruct from Altair, PERMAS-TOPO from Intes. CATOPO is installed by using local, or FlexLM network license.

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